The weather has arrived, and that means it’s time for a new set of jeans to be made.

While it’s often the case that the best times to shop are in the winter, for a couple of weeks, the good times will be in the spring, as the temperatures rise and the seasons change.

That’s why we’ll be looking at some of the best brands of denim that have been around since the 1950s. 

As we’ve previously covered, the brand name that signifies the best of the 1950’s was Denim Factory, founded by a pair of brothers from the town of Easton, England. 

When they first started, they made the most of the warm and sunny climate by producing the world’s first winter and summer denim.

But by the late ’50s, the factory had closed and the business went into receivership, leaving the brothers, Peter and Paul, to start their own denim company.

Today, DenimFactory still produces a range of classic and contemporary denim, but they also specialize in modern styles such as the modern, low-rise style, which has the ability to take on a wide range of shapes and colors. 

A few of the most famous jeans made by Denim factory in the 1950 are the Denim Factory jeans, which have been worn by some of our favourite celebrities, including Kate Moss and Mariah Carey. 

They were made by a crew of six in a factory in Easton. 

However, the company also produced denim for the Royal Australian Navy and the Australian army during the Second World War, and it’s where they first made the jeans used by the SAS. 

In 1951, the Denim Brothers decided to open a new factory in Sydney’s CBD. 

Today, Denis Factory has around 1,500 employees and is one of the largest manufacturers of denim in Australia. 

One of the company’s most popular jeans, the Fisherman’s Denim, is made in the same factory. 

The Fisherman’s is a slim, casual style of denim, with a subtle touch of brown, and is a classic that’s perfect for all seasons. 

Other iconic brands of Denim include the The Pimp and the Sons, as well as the Jack & Jacks and the original Jacks, both of which are made in Tasmania. 

If you want to try out a new style of Denims, you can always try a Denim Workshop, a boutique run by a couple of former factory workers in Victoria, and their latest venture, The Denim Store. 

With Denim factories all over the world, it’s easy to get caught up in the past, but you can find inspiration for new denim from some of Australia’s greatest denim makers. 

Denims are the best in the world and you can expect to see them at a number of local and national festivals, including the Australian Denim Festival, which takes place in March and features denim from all over Australia, from Queensland to New South Wales. 

There’s no better time to shop for a pair, and if you want something a little different, consider a Denimo Factory pair. 

Read more about denim in our 2017 list of best denim brands.

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