A woman has discovered her new clothes vendor has been selling her old clothes.

Sophie Lefroy from Duncairn found out about the business online, she said.

She is still a bit shocked but she’s excited about it.

“I can actually buy a dress, and if it’s in my size, I can buy a pair of pants and wear them at the same time,” she said, speaking in her mother tongue.

“It’s a bit of a dream come true, you know, I’ve never been to Duncair, and it’s nice to have a little bit of opportunity to do that.”

Sophies mother was one of the first to try the business.

“My mum, she was like, ‘You know what?

I just have to try it because I’m going to miss it,’ and I was like ‘Okay, I’ll do it,'” she said with a laugh.”

The first time I was there was two years ago, and she was actually like, “Yeah, you’re doing this for me.

I really want you to do this’.

“The business is run by a woman named Julie who lives in the Duncair area.

She said Julie has been running the business since she bought her clothes a few years ago.”

We’re trying to create a little mini-community for the Duncairs in Duncairnes, so we’re hoping that we can really help that,” Julie said.”

And so, the idea is to really get people involved, and then we can sort of start building the community as well.

“Julie said the Duncanas dress and trousers are now available for the first time on her website.”

They’re pretty much what I used to wear, so they’re really cute,” she told RTE.”

But it’s not like a big deal, and I think that’s good, it gives you a bit more confidence.

“But Julie said the business is only one of several in Duncays area.”

If you walk around Duncairny or Duncairns and look around the streets, you’ll see it’s a lot more vibrant and a lot better looking,” she added.”

There’s a whole community, and so it’s really nice to be able to just see that.


Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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