Clothing organizer and blogger Shashi Vardhan and her friends are in a hurry to get out of the hotel room.

They’re not in the mood for the festival itself, they’re in the rush to wear the clothes they’re wearing.

“The whole festival is going to be so crowded, so it’s very, very hot, so we’re in a rush to get the clothes off,” Vardham tells Mashable India.

The group is headed to Delhi for the Delhi International Fashion Week on Saturday, but they want to get a few pieces of gear out of their bags before they head out.

“We need to take a few outfits off,” she says.

Vardgan has been traveling to many festivals around the world.

In the US, she says she often takes photos with friends as they shop, and she takes a lot of photos with her friends in a hotel room as they wait for the crowds to disperse.

She also takes pictures of the people she meets in her own photos on social media.

“I just love to take pictures,” Vartan says.

“It makes me happy to be with my friends.”

For Vardhart, it’s not just a matter of getting some of the clothes she wants, but of finding some clothes that match her own style and her own needs.

“People don’t wear what they’re supposed to,” she explains.

“You don’t need to go to the mall, you don’t have to buy everything.”

Fashion is not just about fashion, says Vardhaan.

“There’s a lot more to it than that.”

Vardhans travel plans The group, which includes three friends and a photographer, decided to head to the Indian capital because of the festival’s theme of fashion.

“They’re all kind of looking forward to the event,” Vardi says.

The four friends have been going to many Indian festivals and festivals for years, so they know the culture and feel of the country.

“When we first arrived in India, the country was very different,” Varrang says.

Now, it is a country that “has a lot to offer,” she adds.

The people are very hospitable, welcoming, and it’s a beautiful country,” Vastar says.

The five friends have made plans to go shopping for the day. “

India is a very good place to live,” she said.

The five friends have made plans to go shopping for the day.

“What’s important is the outfits we get,” she suggests.

“If we get the right outfits, it will be really nice.”

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