Nike is facing backlash over the sale of its apparel and apparel line to a Chinese apparel brand, which it bought from Adidas in 2015.

The sale of the line has been blamed for Nike losing revenue and hurting the bottom line, but it has been a boon for Nike’s brand image.

A spokesperson for Nike said in a statement Friday that the company “has never been averse to investing in new ventures in China” and “is proud to work with Adidas to create the world’s largest global sports apparel and fashion collection, including a global brand that includes sports apparel brands such as Adidas and Under Armour.”

The spokesperson added that Nike has been “working hard to strengthen our relationship with Adidas and will continue to invest in strengthening that relationship as we continue to grow our brand.”

A Nike spokesperson also confirmed to Business Insider that the brand has no plans to sell any of its Adidas apparel brands.

“We believe that our continued investment in Adidas is the best and only way to continue to leverage the brand and grow our business,” the spokesperson said.

The Nike spokesperson added the company is “committed to continuing to work closely with Adidas” and will work to “continue to build on our relationship to develop our future apparel and footwear brands.”

The Nike spokesman said the company has no current plans to acquire any Adidas brands and said the deal was not tied to Nike’s plans to expand in China.

The deal also comes after Nike’s apparel division lost its largest shareholder, billionaire Peter Thiel, and the majority of its board members.

Earlier this month, Nike stock dropped 3 percent in after-hours trading.

The company was up 2.7 percent in premarket trading.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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