The ‘Friendzone’ app for iOS and Android has become a phenomenon with over 3 million downloads in India and has made the front pages of newspapers and social media.

Now, the app has launched in the UK, where it has been available for the past few weeks.

The ‘friendzone’ feature on the app lets users tag each other’s workout clothes and outfits with a simple tap.

The tag can be set for days, weeks, months, or even years.

For example, if you’re in London and you want to tag your workout clothes with a month, just tap the icon to add a month.

The app also lets users set a personal tag and can even send messages with a tag that has a specific subject line.

The first users to sign up can tag their friends.

There are many benefits to this feature: users can tag and share their own workout clothes.

For instance, if a friend of yours has a different shirt, they can tag it with a friend’s tag and have it be shared by all of their friends, and they can share the same shirt with everyone else.

This also makes it easier for users to add and remove friends from the tag list.

Users can also set a custom message on their friends’ shirts, so they can set up a reminder for each other of the date and time they’ll be wearing their shirt, and their shirt will automatically update.

If a user is looking for a specific outfit, they will be able to add it to the ‘tags workout clothing’ section, so users can easily tag the outfit and have the tag appear in their personal ‘tags’ section.

For anyone looking to buy new clothes, users can buy the new items for a certain price.

A photo of a new pair of workout clothes is shown next to a picture of the old ones.

There is also a ‘buy’ button to buy the item and a ‘renew’ button that allows users to check out what the brand is offering for sale, and how much it is asking for.

The idea is that if a user wants to keep wearing a pair of clothes that have been washed, a simple scan of the tags tag section will tell them exactly what brand is selling that item.

The new feature has attracted attention for being a way for users in India to keep in touch with each other, and also a way to share and trade clothes.

The feature is similar to what the company has been doing in the US.

The company is already testing the ‘friendzones’ feature in the states.

The only difference here is that it is a new product, and the UK launch is expected to take place later this month.

While it’s a new way of connecting with friends, the UK is not the first place where the app is being used.

Other countries are already using the app in this way, including the US and China.

Users in the countries are also being able to buy and share clothing through the app, and can also use the app to create custom tags and share them with others.

A recent study found that the ‘friends with friends’ feature is popular in India.

It is also being used by people in other countries, such as France and Spain, where users are also using it to connect with friends and family.

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