It’s a question you probably have to ask yourself if you’re an old carter fan.

Is it for comfort?

Is it to look good?

Is there some other reason you wear it?

Well, the answer may surprise you.

It turns out that many people have a very strong attachment to carters.

In a study from 2013, researchers found that the term carter is synonymous with comfort.

It’s used to describe a pair of socks that have been worn on for more than 10 hours and provide some added comfort to the wearer.

“It’s something that’s synonymous with our culture,” says Michael Koehn, professor of psychology at the University of Southern California.

“It’s a little bit of a symbol of what we’re all about.”

He says this is because carters are popular with young people, but also because the socks have become a symbol in the fashion world.

“They’ve become very popular, they’re being worn in the mainstream now, and we’re not sure if it’s because of the socks or if it just feels like the right time to wear corsets,” he says.

“Maybe they’re trying to recapture the nostalgic feel of the corset that came before.”

There’s a lot of corsetry to look at, says Koehm, and a lot more to talk about.

So what are corsers really about?

Koehanns lab looked at a variety of corset brands, including H&M, Victoria’s Secret, and Vera Wang.

He found that corset was the most popular item among the groups.

“I think corseting is a symbol, and it’s also something that people think of as sexy, and you can wear corset to the office, or you can corset at home,” he explains.

“And you can do it with the help of a corset maker, you can make it yourself, and that kind of stuff, that’s how it’s evolved over the years.”

And corseteras, like many items in the clothing world, can be bought online.

Koehens also discovered that there’s a wide variety of brands out there.

“There are companies out there selling corsetts, and then there are companies selling corset accessories, and some companies sell corset skirts, and so forth,” he said.

“But there are a lot that are really well-known, like H&M and Victoria’s secret and then of course, of course the big brands like Hollister and H&m.”

Koehn says corseters have been around for a long time.

“We actually have corset collections from the 1800s,” he recalls.

“So I’m sure that you have corsettas dating back to that time.”

You can find them on a lot different websites, and they have really long names and they’re very well-documented,” he adds.”

If you look at the history of corts, we think that it’s actually pretty well-established, and certainly in the past there was a lot less corsetting, and now there’s so much corseting, there are so many corseters that I think that you might have to look very carefully and carefully,” Koehns says.

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