Women’s clothing, accessories and accessories for women are going up.

According to a new study from clothing retailer Kmart, sales of women’s clothing and accessories are up 20 per cent this year over last.

Kmart also reported sales for women’s fashion rose 5 per cent in the year to December, but the growth rate was only a little over a per cent.

Women’s clothing also grew slightly in December, with sales up 2.6 per cent, while men’s clothing sales increased by just under a per-cent.

Sales of women shoes are up 15.3 per cent and women’s underwear and skirts are up 18 per cent from last year.

“This is the best year for sales of womens clothing we’ve seen in a long time,” said Christina Poulin, Kmart Canada senior merchandising manager.

Poulin said the increase in sales is attributed to more women shopping online, more women wearing clothes online and women buying more clothes online.

But Poulins says women still make up just a little more than a third of the U.S. population.

And even though the women’s market has seen a huge increase in the last two years, Poulis said women still only make up 17 per cent of sales at Kmart.

The growth rate for men’s fashion and accessories is also impressive.

For men, KMart’s data showed that sales of men’s clothes and accessories increased by 16 per cent over last year and the growth is much more than the 8 per cent increase for women.

Both Kmart and Kmart say the rise in women’s apparel is a result of women buying clothes online more and spending more money.

With more people going to malls and online retailers like Amazon, K Mart says women are spending more on clothes online as well, but they’re still not spending as much on them as men.

“It’s a really interesting point, and that is a huge difference for a lot of retailers to see,” said Pouins.

Men’s clothing was up 6.3 cents in value at KMart this year.

For women’s clothes, it was up just 0.7 cents.

In the end, Pounis said it’s all about the people, not the size.

“There’s a lot more people shopping online and more people buying clothes, so the women are making more money, but women still are still the most expensive category of customers,” she said.

“So women’s purchases are still higher than men’s purchases, so that’s the difference.

When we talk about how much women make, it’s a little bit of an interesting one, because it’s hard to compare what women are buying compared to what men are buying.”

The numbers for women have been growing at a slow rate over the last couple of years.

During the year, women’s sales jumped 10 per cent while mens sales dropped 4 per cent at K Mart.

There is some good news in the numbers.

For instance, the number of women who purchased men’s and women�s clothing and shoes grew, and women are now spending more than men on clothing and footwear online.

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