As the world faces a potentially catastrophic shortage of water, a new approach is taking shape to save the planet.

Read moreWhat is sustainable clothing?

When we buy clothes, we put our faith in the company who makes them, and they will make the clothes that will last.

That’s why so many brands are committed to making sustainable clothing.

But they are also working to make it cheaper, too.

As well as helping save the environment, a company can also be a catalyst for the sustainability movement, says Natalie Mathers, the sustainability director for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

“It’s really important for us to look at the clothes we buy, and how we use them,” she says.

“The clothes we wear are the clothes people buy, so we should look at them with a new lens and see how they can change the world.”

How sustainable clothing can help save our worldSome of the biggest trends in sustainable fashion have been made possible through the collaboration of a few companies.

They are:Design by Zara, an online fashion store that sells sustainable products, such as sustainable clothing, in a range of colours, styles and sizes.

The company sells clothing in three colours: blue, red and white.

The brand also offers a range for people who want to make the most of their time in the UK and abroad.

A range of fabrics for men’s clothing, as well as a range with women’s clothing.

“We’re seeing that the world is changing,” says the founder and chief executive, James Clark.

“There’s a lot more energy and a lot of change in the fashion world than in the industry itself.”

It was an eye-opener to me, when we started out.

We saw that the consumer was becoming more and more aware of the environment and the sustainability issue.

You might be looking at a certain type of buyer, but they’re really all about how they’re going to be affected by this shift.””

I don’t think there’s any single group that is the perfect customer,” says Clark.

“You might be looking at a certain type of buyer, but they’re really all about how they’re going to be affected by this shift.”

He says that while the company is proud of its work in the apparel industry, it is also committed to using the profits from its business to help people around the world.

“I think that our customers are very committed to the environment,” he says.

“They’re very passionate about the environment.

They’re very concerned about what they’re doing to their planet.

So I think we’re very proud of that.””

Our clothes are designed to last”In a recent video, Clark describes his vision for Zara’s sustainable clothing as a collection of “sustainably sourced, eco-friendly and socially responsible pieces that will keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter and stylish in the year”.”

I see our clothes as a series of clothes that are designed for you to keep you warm and warm you in the heat of summer and cool and cool you in winter,” he said.”

So if you’re a fan of our designs, you’ll be pleased.”

While it is unlikely to be the last of its kind, Clark says Zara has made some big moves to make its designs more sustainable.

He says the company has now reduced the number of raw materials used in its manufacturing by almost half, from about 100,000 tonnes to 500,000.

And he has also reduced the amount of plastic in the materials it uses, with more than half of its plastics sourced from local communities.

In addition, Zara uses less energy, Clark explains, because it does not manufacture the materials in-house.

In an attempt to reduce its carbon footprint, Clark has been working with a number of companies to reduce the amount they use for packaging.

“We’ve had a good amount of success in the last couple of years in reducing our packaging by a third,” he explains.

“And we’ve also seen a lot, a lot less plastic.

So we’re not going to use the same amount of packaging as we used to.

We’ve made a lot cleaner.”

How to make sustainable clothes for lessIn an effort to make our clothes more sustainable, Clark also says ZARA has reduced its use of synthetic materials.

“Our clothing is made with organic fabrics,” he explained.

“It’s made from 100 per cent organic fabrics, which is one of the reasons we’re able to achieve such a high level of sustainable clothing.”

“We do use plastic as a material,” he adds.

“But we use it to make other things that you would normally see.

For example, we make socks and underwear for the UK.”

While some people might think it’s only a few brands, Clark is confident that “we’re getting better at it.”

“You can’t go into a store and buy a jacket made in Bangladesh, and expect to buy one made in the US,” he believes.

“Because it will never be made in America.

But if you go to the supermarket and

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