A family friend of a toddler girl in a family clothing brand is concerned she may not be able to make her own clothes in her own time.

Claire, 11, from Wodonga, was born with a condition called Down Syndrome that causes her legs to be short.

Her mother, who has not been named, said her daughter, who is known as ‘Tod’, had the condition at birth and it would take months for Claire to get the appropriate clothing to wear.

“She has to be on a wheelchair or she will fall over on her own, it’s not very practical,” Ms Molloy said.

“So, she would probably be like, ‘I don’t want to do this, I don’t think it’s right for me’.”

And I’m like, it doesn’t really matter what you want to wear, you just have to find what works for you.

“Claire’s mum said she was also concerned that Claire would not be in the best shape when she was older and that she would struggle to find suitable clothes for her when she grew up.”

It’s just like her being a toddler is so important, it makes it very hard for her to have a proper wardrobe,” Ms McIlroy said.”[Claire] has had to learn how to be independent because she has no money.

“We’ve been in this kind of struggle for years now, she just doesn’t know how to shop for clothes.”

A few months ago, Ms McIllroy said the family contacted a local clothing shop and they were given a list of three clothing brands they could buy from.

“And we are like, that’s pretty good, that would be pretty good for us,” Ms McMurtry said.

“We’re so happy.”

Clare’s mother said she and her sister were both excited when they received the list, but were unsure if Claire would be able use it as her own wardrobe.

“They don’t tell us how to use it, and it’s just a list, so they don’t really know how it’s going to fit in her,” Ms McColloy explained.

“The worst part is that she doesn’t have a wardrobe yet, so we don’t know what we’re going to do.”

Hopefully, she will get to use this list a bit later on.

“Clary’s mother has started collecting clothes to make their daughter’s own clothes, which they plan to use to make clothes for the school holidays when Claire is at school.”

Claire doesn’t care what she looks like, she doesn ‘wear’ it and that’s what she needs,” Ms McKee said.

Clare is expected to have surgery on Monday, but Ms McMilloy said Claire would benefit from the treatment.”

If she’s having surgery, she won’t need the wheelchair,” she said.

The family has set up a Facebook page, ‘Claire the Younger’, and has shared photos of Claire wearing clothing and playing with her favourite toy, a stuffed bear.”

As a family we are hoping to see Claire have a normal life,” Ms McCulloy said of the fundraiser.”

I’m really hoping that she can have a very normal life, not have Down Syndrome, and not have to have the wheelchair.

“When she was little she would come to school and play with the stuffed bear and then come home and go to bed.”

The fundraiser has raised over $400 so far, with more donations to be made by Thursday.

Clary is expected next week to have her own surgery.

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