FiveThirtyEight has taken a look at how the world’s most influential fashion and fashion accessories websites and brands have been disclosing the details of their brands and their products to their customers.

In the UK, the Daily Mail’s site has posted on the subject, along with its website, a long list of the items sold by the brands it owns.

These include the likes of Calvin Klein, Jil Sander, Dolce & Gabbana, J. Crew and Tommy Hilfiger.

In France, Elle’s site lists its products on its website under the heading “La Vérité”, and lists the “sale of goods” as “in stock” on its store front.

Elsewhere, a page titled “La Producteur de L’Art” lists products from “a variety of famous designers” on the front of the store.

A page entitled “La Décor” lists the company’s main brands, as well as their products.

The Daily Mail has also featured the likes, if not the products, of Calvin and Sons, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, Calvin Chastain, Calvin Pollack and Calvin Klein Paris.

It seems that the Daily Telegraph is not the only fashion magazine to be aware of the need to make its sales information more transparent, and is currently running a survey in which its readers can vote on whether they want to see a more open disclosure of the brand’s sales figures on its site.

The results are due in two weeks.

The Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that a website should not include information that can “reasonably be regarded as misleading” for the purpose of encouraging people to buy its products, and that a brand should be able to decide for itself whether its sales figures should be disclosed. 

The UK’s Advertising Standards Council, the body responsible for standards in advertising, has also been asked to clarify the rules governing the disclosure of a brand’s marketing material.

A spokesperson for the ASA said that it was not a matter for the authority to decide what information should be included in a website, but that the regulator would consider the submission. 

“We welcome a call from the Advertising Standards Board to clarify this issue and to provide guidance on the rules on the disclosure and marketing of brand advertising material,” said the spokesperson. 

A spokesperson from Calvin Klein said that its policy was to not publish information about sales figures, adding that the company had “no intention” of selling its clothes. 

In France the company is not required to disclose its sales numbers, although it has done so on its French website for the past few years. 

According to the latest figures from the French advertising watchdog, Adecco, Calvin is the seventh most popular brand in the country, and has the fifth largest market share.

The French website La Découverte de L.A. does not have a disclaimer stating that it does not sell any Calvin Klein products. 

However, a section of the site reads: “The use of our name is not intended to imply endorsement, sponsorship, or endorsement of our products or services.” 

The La Decouverte page also states that “LaDewa does not represent Calvin Klein in any way.

We have no relationship with the brand.” 

Another example is the Daily Mirror’s page, which says that it has “no relation whatsoever” to the brand. 

Another website, Ellesse, also has no mention of Calvin or the Calvin Klein brand.

“The Daily Mirror does not market Calvin Klein.

We do not even know if the company ever existed.

Our sole responsibility is to make sure that our readers are informed,” said a spokesperson for Ellesme. says that its “exclusive source” is the Calvin and Son blog, which has a listing of Calvin, its main brands and its products.

A page on the site includes a link to the company blog, but does not mention its Calvin brand, and says: “We are happy to announce that we have decided to keep our name a secret for now, since it would be misleading to others.” 

A page called “La Dièvée” states that the brand is owned by Calvin Klein but that it is “not affiliated with any of the brands we carry.

The products and prices we list on this site are not linked to any brand.

We offer an extensive range of styles, from men’s to women’s and children’s, and we use an extensive line of high-quality, high-fashion fabrics.” 

La Diêvée also states: “Our motto is ‘A Dièvanse for Men and Women’.

That is the name of our brand, that is the motto that we want to put on our products, the motto of the company.

That is our mantra.” 

“The name La Diêvanse is not affiliated with the company and we are not involved with its production,” said Elle. 

This story first appeared in  FourFour Two .

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