The game that my mother wanted to play when she was a kid was Grand Theft Auto.

I was 10 years old.

My mother was a gamer and loved it.

But when she got older and I got older, she found it difficult to find a game that she liked and could play.

And as a result, she went from gaming to social media. 

Now, she has her own blog where she writes about her life and games.

Her posts are very personal, and she also writes about the people who helped her become a gamer. 

On her blog, she talks about how she’s been able to get her own game, as well as talk about her experiences playing GTA Online. 

One of the things she writes is, “In the beginning, I was a little frustrated with myself.

I wanted so much to be a great gamer.

I felt like I needed to prove to myself that I could.

So I started playing GTA and, eventually, it was the perfect fit.” 

She says that after a while, she started to feel like her gaming habits were contributing to her depression. 

“I’m pretty sure my gaming addiction had something to do with my depression.

I thought that I needed a break from gaming, and then I got addicted,” she says. 

She decided to do some research about the condition, and discovered that she’s had more than 1,300 hours of gaming time. 

The video is an excerpt from her new book, “I Can Feel the Madness Now.”

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