Lands End, a clothing brand owned by Australian clothing retailer Lands End and its sister company, Lands End Inc., are in court after a lawsuit was filed alleging they are in breach of Australian consumer laws and are not providing fair and equal treatment to customers.

Land End said in a statement that it will “vigorously defend” the allegations made in the lawsuit.

A Land End spokeswoman said in the statement that the company has been made aware of the allegations in the case and will “actively” defend them.

“Lands End is committed to providing equal opportunities and opportunities for all of our employees and all customers and we will vigorously defend these claims,” the spokeswoman said.

“We have recently updated our privacy policy, which we expect will be fully compliant with Australian consumer law.”

Land End Inc. has a long history of providing products and services that are of high quality and of a high standard, and we look forward to continuing to build on that success.

“Mr Abbott has said that the Coalition would “make sure the laws are made to give everyone the same opportunity to buy the goods and services they want and need”.

Land End is owned by the Australian Government and is the second-largest publicly listed clothing brand after H&M.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said in its report into Lands End that it has received a number of complaints about the retailer and that it would conduct an investigation.

The Commission’s report into the retailer found that the business failed to provide employees with a “fair and equitable” working environment and had “disproportionately affected” women and people of colour.

Land Ends spokeswoman Jennifer O’Connor said the company would not comment on the details of the legal proceedings. “

Land End does not discriminate on the basis of disability or gender and the company did not give sufficient protection to employees,” the commission said.

Land Ends spokeswoman Jennifer O’Connor said the company would not comment on the details of the legal proceedings.

Ms O’Connors said Lands End has a number other Australian brands and the Australian business is not in a position to comment on this particular matter.

“At this time we are unable to comment further,” she said.

Ms Cottrell said she was unaware of any similar claims of discrimination in other markets.

“The company is currently in the process of reviewing our business model and we are working closely with Land End to ensure that our business continues to deliver our values and provide a high-quality product to our customers,” she told the ABC.

“Our commitment to fairness and equality is our guiding principles and our company’s purpose and we take pride in our values.”

We are committed to supporting the employees, customers and partners of Lands End through the development of our brand, the introduction of new products, and the strengthening of our relationships with suppliers and partners.

“This is an incredibly difficult time for all involved in the Australian fashion industry and we hope that we can all work together to move forward in a positive direction.”

Land Ends parent company Lands End also said in an emailed statement that while it was not aware of any specific allegations of discrimination against employees, it was committed to ensuring the company “fosters a fair and equitable workplace” and had been in contact with the commission.

Ms Rolfe said in her statement that Land End “is committed to protecting its employees, to delivering a high quality product and to providing a fair, equitable and inclusive workplace for all our employees”.

“We are in discussions with the ACCC and are currently reviewing our position.”

She said Lands Estates had been working with the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission for “many years” and the commission “has not yet taken any action”.

The ACCC said it was reviewing the complaints in relation to Lands End.

It said it had not received a complaint about Lands End’s treatment of women and would take any further action if it did.

The ACCc said it would be conducting a review of how to address complaints about Lands Estages performance and had referred the matter to the Fair Trading Commission.

The Fair Trading Commissioner has also launched a probe into the business of Land End and the retailer has appealed to the Federal Court.

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