Rainbow-colored clothing can be worn by both men and women, according to a new fashion website. 

It can also be worn to celebrate the Indian diaspora. 

“There is a great diversity in gender and gender roles in Indian society and we all celebrate that in different ways,” said Bollywood actress Gauri Verma, who is also a fashion blogger. 

According to the website, which sells rainbow-coloured dresses, women can wear them in a number of ways, from casual, casual, formal or formal dress.

“A woman can wear a skirt and a cardigan, while a man can wear the same,” said Verma.

“The cardigan is for the occasion and the skirt is for everyday wear.” 

Verma also said that she has been wearing the cardigan to her friends’ weddings for years.

“The cardigans are really simple and practical,” she said.

“I just wear it on the day, when I have to wear the cardigans because I have got a wedding dress.

So it is a very basic style.” 

For a more casual style, Verma has also started wearing her wedding dress to her parents’ wedding in New Delhi. 

She said that even though she is a woman, she has always liked a simple dress, even if it’s for a big event. 

A dress for a party would be too fancy, she added. 

Verm has also recently worn a pink wedding dress on a big night for her friend Sharmila Gopalakrishnan’s birthday party. 

The dress was made from a simple fabric and had pink flowers on it. 

In a recent interview, Verm said that, like many women, she had always wanted to be a designer, but had been hesitant to pursue it.

“When I was growing up, my parents were very conservative.

I was a very conservative girl, which I attribute to my parents’ strict upbringing,” Verma said. 

Verm said that when she was a child, she did not like wearing clothes made from cotton, linen and felt.

“I have always been more comfortable wearing a white dress and white trousers, and it has always been my choice,” she explained.

“Now that I am older, I am wearing more modern and colorful dresses, but I am not as conservative as I used to be.” 

Vera, who lives in Mumbai, has been inspired to make clothes using her own creativity and experience. 

After spending several months designing dresses, Vermm decided to try out a new kind of fashion: women’s clothing.

“What I have been working on is a line of women’s dresses and accessories,” she added, “and I have tried to do it in a modern way, with simple materials and colours.” 

“I wanted to make it something that women can enjoy and wear at their weddings, at weddings they have planned and can show off,” she continued. 

So far, Verme has been working with local designers in Mumbai. 

 The clothes range includes dresses, blouses and dresses with skirts. 

One of the dresses is made out of a pink silk scarf that Verma purchased at a thrift store. 

Some of the accessories are also made from pink yarn and fabrics. 

While Verma is still in the process of designing her own line, she said that the main goal is to make dresses that people can wear for weddings and special occasions. 

If you would like to try this style, the website also offers a special edition of Verma’s dress with a rose design, with rose beads and pink lace. 

Read more about women’s fashion on  The Hindu

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