(AP) There’s a new generation of grandmothers, but don’t expect them to have a wardrobe as vast as the one you might see on the cover of your local newspaper.

They’ll need a little help.

For the last couple of years, Georgia has been the first state to mandate a minimum age of 25 for women to apply for certain types of employment, such as child care or nursing homes.

In many other states, that means women must have at least a high school diploma to get those jobs.

Georgia is one of just a few states that doesn’t have a minimum wage law.

That means a woman can’t make as much as her male counterpart, but it also means they have a lower chance of going hungry or getting pregnant.

It also means, for a variety of reasons, that a woman will likely end up with more clothes than she would with an equivalent man.

Georgia’s new law was the result of a lawsuit filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and other civil rights groups.

It is not yet law, but the EEOC is now required to file a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court to force the state to do away with the minimum wage laws.

The new minimum wage legislation also mandates that companies pay a minimum of $15 per hour to women and $12 per hour for men.

The new law also requires businesses to pay women 50 cents for every dollar a man makes, but employers still have to pay the same for women.

There are many benefits for women, said Kimberly Smith, a senior attorney with the National Women’s Law Center.

For example, a woman who is employed as a stay-at-home mom, for example, will be paid $8 per hour and can also choose to be paid for housework or other chores.

Women also benefit from higher wages, she said.

For a stay at home mom, she would earn $16 per hour.

For men, the minimum would be $16.50 per hour, and they would receive a higher minimum wage of $10.50 for each additional hour worked.

That would mean women would earn about $10 per hour more for the same amount of work.

A woman who works part-time at a local restaurant, for instance, would earn an extra $2.75 per hour when the wage is fully phased in.

Also, Smith said, women can also benefit by having more options when it comes to where to work.

They can choose to take a job in the service industry, or work in a more flexible part-timing job that allows them to work from home.

In some states, the new minimum will also apply to people who are part of a small business.

But in Georgia, it will apply only to those who own businesses, which are more likely to be women and minorities.

What is a stay home mom?

A stay-home mother works part time, usually in a local grocery store or a convenience store, to make ends meet.

That means that a stay away mother can have a family of five children, Smith explained.

They would be paid a minimum hourly wage of about $12, but some women work at minimum wage.

If a woman’s employers are not hiring her, she can work as a housekeeper or babysitter.

Some of the women interviewed for this story said they had to take unpaid leave in order to care for their children.

In the case of my son, we took him to the hospital once every two months.

He was only five when I took him in.

But it was worth it because he was hungry, he was cold, he needed to eat, he got diarrhea, he’d get cold feet, and then he would get sick.

At the same time, Smith told The Associated Press, she has seen some women who work full time without a paycheck lose their jobs.

That happens when women don’t have full-time work available to them, Smith added.

How can you get a stay up to date on your options?

If you are interested in finding out what your options are, check out our guide to the new Georgia minimum wage and overtime rules.

If you live in a city that has adopted a minimum, it’s best to contact your city’s Labor Department to find out about the changes.

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