Clothing retailer PlusSize is growing fast, and its business model is already in play. 

The brand, which makes plus-sized clothing and accessories for men and women, is currently selling at stores nationwide and has a new line of clothing that goes under the PlusSize brand name. 

“We’re the first retailer in the world to really really cater to our target demographic,” said PlusSize president of sales and marketing Mike Mankiewicz. 

PlusSize is also the first major plus-sizing retailer to offer a large-format, online-only store.

PlusSize has a presence in stores like Gap, Forever 21, TJ Maxx, and Zappos. 

But it also has been working to expand its business. 

It opened a small brick-and-mortar store in the Atlanta area in 2017, and Mankiews hopes to expand the business even further. 

Mankiewis told USA Today that PlusSize’s expansion has been driven in part by the need for bigger spaces for customers to shop. 

In addition to the plus- size clothing and accessory stores, PlusSize also sells online-exclusive items. 

A lot of the apparel and accessories in the store are for men.

Plus Size also has a line of kids’ wholesale clothing that it sells on Amazon, but the online store is more than just clothing. 

As a plus- sized retailer, Plus Size has the ability to cater to a much wider range of customers than other retailers, and that’s helped the company grow its online sales. 

There’s a wide range of people that might be looking for clothing and the accessories that fit them, and they’re really going to enjoy our online shopping experience,” Mankiwis said. 

Even though the Plus Size store isn’t as well known as some of the other retailers in the industry, Mankewis said he thinks that its popularity will continue. 

According to a recent survey from online apparel retailer, Gildan Activewear, plus- sizes made up 10 percent of all activewear sales in 2016, and the number will continue to rise. 

And PlusSize doesn’t just cater to women. 

Its customers also include a wide variety of age groups. 

At this point, Minkiewicz said, PlusSizes is not just a clothing brand, but also a lifestyle brand. 

So Mankwitz thinks the PlusSizing movement will continue for the long haul. 

He also sees PlusSize as a big opportunity for PlusSize to expand. 

If PlusSize can grow its business, Munkiwis expects the company to expand into online shopping and even into fashion and home improvement. 

While he doesn’t know if PlusSized will have a physical presence in a physical store anytime soon, Miskiewicz said PlusSize will definitely expand its footprint in this area. 

PlusSization has opened a new store in Las Vegas and plans to open more stores around the country, including in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles. 

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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