Matilda Jones is getting the Matilda treatment.

Picture: Supplied.

It’s not just a cute doll but an inspirational one too. 

Matilda Jones is getting the “Matildases” treatment from her friends at the Matildas Toy Store in Melbourne.

She has a doll that looks like her mom’s, but with a different outfit and her own hair style.

Matilda has been around since the 1970s.

Her name means “the little sister” in French and it’s something her friends say makes her so much more special than any of the other dolls. 

The dolls range from cute to super-cool.

Mimi, the “Girlfriend of the Month”, is an older, more popular doll, with her hair styled in a classic pink style. 

Mimi has a unique hairstyle with long, blonde hair, her eyes and nose hidden by an eyeliner and her ears are taped together. 

 Miles the Papa Bear of the dolls is the same age as Matilda and she wears her hair in a different style to Matilda’s. 

There’s a Barbie version of Miles too and it has a different hairstyle too.

“She’s an inspiration for me,” Matilda said. 

“She looks so much like me. 

She’s not my mum.

I grew up with my dad and her mum.” 

The family is still trying to get their own version of the doll made, but they’ve been given a lot of support. 

They’ve got her in a variety of colours and styles, and they’re hoping to start selling it online soon. 

And they’ve also started working on a new toy for the girl.

The new doll is made from bamboo, which is incredibly light and can be made into any shape.

And while the dolls will be sold at the Toy Store, the family are also looking at creating their own line of Matildases for their daughters to own.

They’ve been working with local company Matildares Australia to create the dolls, which are about $30.

A friend of Matilda who is in her late 40s has designed the doll for Matilda, and she’s very happy with the result.

“I think it’s a really nice little doll,” she said.

“It’s got a really lovely personality and it just seems to be a really beautiful thing.” 

“It makes me feel a bit more connected to her.” 

Matildames Australian Dolls is set to open on June 29.

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