The cat clothes hamplings that are becoming an issue for the fashion industry is an issue that many people are struggling with.

In many cases, there are clothes that have been sold for a long time in a different store or at a cheaper price, but the prices have kept going up.

In some cases, the clothes are selling for less than they cost when they were originally bought, leading to a lot of unnecessary expenditure on the garments.

According to research by ICLR, an independent fashion brand, the average clothes cost of a new model for a store that sells cat clothes is Rs.8,000.

This means that for every Rs.2,000 that a customer buys in a new cat clothes, they have to spend Rs.16,000 to purchase the new items.

To help them, ICLRF has decided to provide a discount to the customer at a rate of 50 per cent.

This is on top of a 10 per cent discount on previous orders.

For instance, if a customer bought a pair of pants, the store would save Rs.9,000 on the price of pants.

If the customers want to save even more, the ICLRs has created a special coupon that can be used at stores in all the categories to save up to 50 per day.

The coupon is valid till December 1.

The ICLRI also plans to distribute a number of other savings packages for customers, such as discounts on clothing and accessories.

A customer can use the discount at any of the stores across the country and save up the difference between the cost of the item and the cost the customer paid for it.

In addition, there will be a special discount for cats.

For this, a customer will be charged Rs.1,500.

The cat clothes issue has been taking place in the industry for the past few months.

In January, a senior official from a cat clothing company, whose name was withheld, told TOI that the industry is in a crisis.

“The problem is with the cats.

They are killing our cats,” he said.

“They are taking over the cat shops and we are paying them a premium.

I have already tried to talk to some of them but they are not listening.

We have to fight with the industry.”

The senior official also told TO I that cat clothes are getting cheaper and cheaper.

“There are several cat shops in different parts of the city.

We also have cat shops at the airport and other places.

We are losing money but we cannot find any way out of the crisis.

We can’t buy cat clothes at the stores.

Even though we have our own pet cats, the cat clothes we buy are made of cheap fabric.

There are many of them in the shops and at the airports.

They come with the same price as the cats.”

In fact, cat clothes can cost up to Rs.11,000, the senior official said.

The cost of buying a cat clothes in India has risen from around Rs.3,000 in the early 2000s to around Rs 8,000 today.

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