The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman says a return to The Longest Yards is in the cards, although he doesn’t yet have an official title for the new season.

The showrunner teased the news during an interview with the Hollywood Reporter on Thursday.

He revealed that while The Long.

Yard season four will premiere “on a Tuesday,” that means the next episode is set to air on Tuesday.

That’s a Wednesday, after which Kirkman and co-creator Scott Gimple are scheduled to wrap up the season on a Thursday.

“We’ve got a big idea that’s gonna be fun, and we’re gonna be really excited about that,” Kirkman said.

“We’ll just start filming next week, and then we’ll start the season when the season comes back on Tuesday.”

He added that the season is going to have a “big, big finale.”

“That’s the finale, and that’s the big reveal that we’ll have,” he added.

“I can’t tell you exactly what that is, but it’s a big reveal.

That will be a big announcement that we’re in the middle of the season.”

Kirkman said he didn’t know what to expect from the finale.

“The thing I’ve learned from doing this for a long time is that we always want to be able to say, ‘There’s something that’s really special about this season.

We want to get it out there, but the last few weeks, it’s been so intense that we’ve really just kind of let it hang out there,’ ” he said.

He went on to tease that the finale is going “bigger and better.”

“I think the finale of the show is going very, very big, because it’s gonna show the journey of The Long, as well as the journey that Rick and the gang are on in that last two episodes,” he said of the finale’s finale.

“It’s gonna go big, and it’s going to feel big, but also really exciting and satisfying.”

The first two episodes of The Walking of Dead’s fourth season are slated to air this Sunday, Oct. 17 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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