Now Playing: Japan’s latest fashion trend, the new Sailor Moon anime series article Now You See It: Tokyo’s new wave of streetwear brands, from Gucci to Burberry, on the rise article Japan’s fashion scene is exploding, with a slew of new outfits hitting the streets in the past few weeks.

This year’s trend has been so popular, it has spawned a slew, including a new anime series.

Here’s what you need to know about the new trend.1.

Japanese fashion designer and fashion expert Kana Takahashi is one of the designers who started the trend.

She’s currently designing clothing for the new anime, Sailor Moon.2.

She says her inspiration for the trend stemmed from a Japanese tradition.

“In Japan, the traditional clothing that we wear is traditionally worn during the month of August, with an emphasis on seasonal and seasonal-appropriate clothing,” she explains.

“We are looking to create an iconic Japanese fashion, which celebrates summer and autumn.”3.

Japanese style is not for everyone.

“I think the Japanese have a really good sense of fashion,” Takahash says.

“They really know how to dress, so I think it’s important to be careful with the style of your clothes.

But in terms of aesthetics, I think the look of the Japanese has a very good quality.”4.

The trend started in Tokyo in September, and Takahasays the success has surprised her.

“Tokyo is a very fashionable place, and the Japanese love the idea of fashion, so we were really surprised by the number of people who wore the clothes,” she says.

Takahashes also says the trend has taken off in other major cities around the world, like Milan, Paris, and London.5.

The new anime features a new Sailor who’s voiced by voice actress Ai Mai.

“The characters in the anime are all from different eras, so they all have different personalities and different ways of looking at things,” Takashas says.

She adds that Mai, who voices the heroine of the series, is a great example of someone who understands the importance of a good wardrobe.6.

Takashis inspiration for making the new series was inspired by the fashion of her hometown, and she says the new look is inspired by an older Japanese woman.

“My mom is from a generation that has been in Japan for a long time, so she’s really proud of the fact that we are still a young country, and it’s still so cosmopolitan,” she explained.7.

Takashes sister, Yuko Takahase, was also inspired by her childhood memories of her mother, and also wanted to make something similar.

“Our mother was very strong-minded and a perfectionist,” Takahs sister says.

But she says she also learned a lot from her mother and the clothes she wore.

“She’s really strong-willed, so the clothes I wear have a sense of elegance and quality,” she said.8.

The main characters of the new season, Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter, are not Japanese but Japanese American immigrants, who live in Tokyo.

The series stars two Japanese American characters, Luna and Neptune.9.

The season is set to air in Japan in early 2019.

In the meantime, the trend is spreading in the U.S. and worldwide.

Check out our previous coverage of the Sailor Moon fashion trend.

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