The sport bible is the official bible for the world’s most famous sport, the NFL.

But it has also become an important source of information for people who are homeless, and its pages can offer a useful tool for those who have lost money or want to give to charities that support the homeless.

The sport bible has been updated to include a new section on clothing donation, with the first section on donations to charity.

“It’s the best way to make a difference to those who are in need of clothes,” says Stephanie G. Smith, a volunteer who runs a website called Clothing for the Homeless.

“You can give to any charity that needs it and it will get to the good guys and girls in need, and it’s just a really easy way to help.”

The new section also includes information on where to donate and how to find a donation center.

“You can go to a thrift store, a dollar store, Walmart, Target, a Target store, and get clothes from there and then go and buy them at the thrift stores, and the dollar stores will take it and give it to people,” Smith says.

The section also notes that people can use their own money to donate to charities, and says that donating clothing is always better than buying it on the internet.

“That’s always been a way to get stuff,” Smith adds.

“People will always be buying clothes at the dollar store and they will not donate them.

So if you can’t get something at the Walmart or a dollar shop, you can just give it directly to them.”

Smith says people who have donated to the charities listed on the sport bible can also find a store near them that is willing to donate clothing, or go to the thrifts and ask for a donation of their own.

“They’re very open, and they’re really helpful and will get back to you and give you whatever you want,” she says.

“That’s how you can help out a homeless person in need.”

Gathering a large collection of clothes for people in need has been one of the goals of the sport godfather of the homeless, Tony Burt.

Burt is a retired football player and coach who runs The Football Bible, which is a popular website for people to donate their own clothing to charity, and he says donating clothes is the best choice.

“The best thing you can do is to do it for someone that you know, because that’s your best friend,” Burt says.

“I think that if you know somebody who needs clothes, you should probably donate clothes, and I think that’s a great way to give back.”

To donate clothing to the Salvation Army, visit the website here:The Salvation Army provides clothing for homeless people and their families, including for food, shelter, clothing, medical supplies, and other needs.

The Salvation Army has also teamed up with some of the biggest clothing brands in the world, including Gap, Burberry, Calvin Klein, and Uniqlo, to help make sure that homeless people in America can get the best clothes they can get.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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